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Feb 17 / Bill

New creative endeavors from the Taylor II Family

February 17, 2011

“New creative endeavors from the Taylor II Family”

So I primarily quote from son, David, and post the art work.

“Dear friends,

After many months of hard travail, we are pleased to share with you an image of new work that occupies us currently. Being artists we figure that an image is worth (for now) a mound of sentences.

With affection from the three of us,

The Younger Taylors”

A drawing tells thousands of words

Yvonne and I rejoice with them. In the last two years I have found some fascinating research into the Taylor line. Until then, I thought we could trace the godly Taylor line only back some 9 generations to the first Taylor in the New World. But through a most remarkable “coincidence” I met an Amercan Dane, who came up to me after I spoke at a Houston church, and asked me about my Taylor lineage. Never did I dream that Gunnar Teilmann and I would be related, but he had the unbroken line back to a John Taylor, born 1327 in Homestall, Kent, England, and died in 1377.  As best that takes us some 18 generations back in time.

But for us, the most significant one is Rowland Taylor, a parish pastor in England, married to non other than William Tyndale’s sister, Margaret.  Tyndale, the great Bible translator, was burned at the stake by bloody Queen Mary. As was Roland Taylor, burned at the stake on February 5, 1554.  We found his story in “Fox’s Book of Martyrs” and I found a Google book reproduction of an original copy of Fox.

So the birth of David and Phaedra’s child keeps that line going through the Taylor last name. We pray for a healthy child, either girl or boy, and thank God for his mercies to us all.  But a 19th generation Taylor male!? Now that would be nice also.

And here is part of our joy that marvelous celebration night of January 2 when David and Phaedra revealed the news that now is real!!!

Undiluted exultation!!!

Blessed be God!

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