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May 19 / Bill

A recent webinar on missionary attrition and retention

May 19, 2011

I am committed to finishing off the reflections on hidden addictions, so stay tuned. But recently I was baptized into a new technology, the “webinar”. I know about them; have seen them work; but have never done one. Thanks to David Mays of The Mission Exchange, on May 12 I presented an hour of visualized talk (with Power Point) and then about 20 minutes of Q&A.  It was a great growth experience for me, and I already know some of the changes I would make for the future.  Evaluations by the 65 or so participants were generally encouraging, but I must improve.

So thanks to Steve Moore and David Mays for encouraging me and opening up this door.

And this is what I presented, with a chance for others to order the webinar on line through TheMissionExchange.


May 12 – Candid Reflections on Missionary Attrition and Retention – Global Stories and Implications

Bill Taylor, Senior Mentor for the Mission Commission, World Evangelical Alliance

Aug 18 – Reset Dialog Feed-Forward Report

Steve Moore, President and CEO, The Mission Exchange

All webinars are 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. eastern time.  See registration instructions below.

Candid Reflections on Missionary Attrition and Retention – Global Stories and Implications

In this webinar, Bill will take us on a visit to study the “topography” of missionary attrition and retention, sharing stories, key insights and outcomes of two international studies. He will elucidate some of key lessons and applications that will help mission-minded churches and agencies reduce attrition and increase retention.  He will also suggest three print resources for your use.

Bill speaks on these issues coming from a combined data base of 45 years of personal ministry, countless case studies, and two major international research studies, ReMAP I (on missionary attrition) and ReMAP II (on retention).

At the end of the day our concern is not with theoretical issues that foster longer-term mission service. The key issue is that we are dealing with people’s lives, with families, with wives and husbands, with children of all ages. The primary concern is not the institution but the people.

Bill Taylor was born in Latin America and served there for 17 years in leadership development and church planting. He has been the Executive Director of the Missions Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance. He is now a Senior Mentor.  He also coordinates its publications and co-leads its global missiology teams. His experience and training equip him uniquely with a global perspective, serving the worldwide mission movement in both Global North and South. Bill is founder and CEO of TaylorGlobalConsult, a new ministry that allows him to focus on mentoring, speaking, consulting, writing and teaching

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