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Feb 7 / Bill

Lavish Italian Five-Course Celebration Banquet for 65 and 70 years

Mangiando e parlando

February 8, 2011

The Celebrated Ones--young as always!

Ah, time disappears on me and the exigencies of keeping a blog up to date are almost too much. So forgive the tardiness, but enjoy this feast of family, photos of the five-course Italian banquet that our adult kids lavished us with on January 2 (our traditional Adult Extended Family Gift Exchange) now combined with birthday celebrations. It was worth waiting from Yvonne’s 65th in October and my 70th in November.

There were fantastic surprises

Seemingly countless ANTIPASTI

PRIMI: Fettucine con asparago e prosciutto

SECONDI: Carne di maiale ubriaco

Seven of us with Cliff taking photo

CONTORNI: Insalata di arugula con formaggio parmigiano e limone

The table set before us

A setting of sheer beauty


Cliff the pasta-from-scratch maker

Scranton and David post meal gifts

DOLCE: Pere al vino rojo

And a few photos of the family groupings and grandchildren.

The Six Piccoli--and praying for more (Speight and Sohren in top center), Bronwyn on right, Cormac on back left, Skye and Brendan up front

Six adults: Left to right: Cliff, Christine, Scranton, Stephanie, Phaedra, David

Four young women of my life: Yvonne, Phaedra, Christine, Stephanie

Cliff with a load of gifts for each of the men, Yvonne's beautiful Guatemala wrapping

Bill to Yvonne--a very old Anglican Book of Common Prayer

A table set for celebration

The quintessential Italian Table: family, conversation, FOOD!, celebration, beauty


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  1. Sergio E. Mijangos / Feb 8 2011

    Loved the pictures and comments. Thank you for posting them and letting us know. I did not know about your blog but now I will try to follow you. I guess I have been following you in a different way ( = for many years.

  2. Kirko / Feb 9 2011

    Awesome! Wonderful celebration with some very thoughtful kids!

  3. Bill / Mar 17 2013

    Forgive this SO late reply but I just discovered those notes!! Bill

  4. Bill / Mar 18 2013

    Bless you, very special friend. Only tonight did I find a batch of messages sent to the blog. We are partners in much, but in particular, the Pilgrimage.


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