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Mar 2 / Bill

Is anyone out there? My voice is returning

Good friends, “out there”,

Major changes in my life and ministry. The prime reasons is the result of the conclusion last December 31, of 30 years on the staff team of the Mission Commission, World Evangelical Alliance. I started there when I was 46, and ended when I was 76. That’s three decades. That a long time!

As I gaze into the future I see the Hand of God, I see release, I see a new chapter, I see myself on the latter laps of the race. I know I will not climb the mountain range set before me; rather, I will rest at the foothills for there and then I will have served my generation and “permanently changed my address”.

And one clear implication of this change calls for me to reactivate the blog as my primary voice-platform. Facebook postings will primarily refer people to the blog. It is here that I will float some of my reflections, and especially the first pieces of my memoirs–reflections of a global pilgrim. I am eager to do this.

But I was just wondering if anyone is still out there, and if so, pop me a quick note. I am not expecting much action there, but it’s a start.

Soon, The Global Pilgrim, aka El Vidente


ps.  The selection of photos goes back to the beginning, circa 1986 and years after.  Only one for the ending, but a good one, the three MC executive directors over these 30 years.


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  1. admin / Mar 5 2017

    welcome back

  2. tommy / Mar 5 2017

    good to see some new posts

  3. Bill / Jan 21 2020

    Ah, friend, I am this month re-starting it, and will post pieces of the Introduction to the book, “My Father’s Shoes: Reflections of a Global Pilgrim”. YOU are the one who helped me embark on this journey.

    I will also start one in Spanish, but don’t know how to proceed. Any ideas to point me in the right direction?

    And today, January 21, 2020, your first 2020 investment into our lives and ministry arrived, and I paused to thank God for you and Annie!

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